10 Customer-Centric Habits That Drive CX Improvements

Organizations that are future ready start with the end goal in mind and then consider bold moves to close the gap between business strategy and results (assumptions vs reality). Digital business requires organizations to adapt to customer demands and circumstances in real time and respond quickly to unexpected business events.

Remote work during the pandemic has presented Enterprise Architects (EA’s) and Technology Innovation leaders with new challenges. Collaborating on developing new solutions and rapid prototyping while staying attentive to costs, information security risks, and business strategy top the list.

Architects have a unique understanding of the interconnectedness and dependencies in…

How easy we make life for our customers has a direct impact on loyalty or repeat business. User experience (UX) is the quality of an end user’s interaction with a solution to achieve the desired outcomes through an intuitive, empathetic and easy to user interface (UI) using minimal effort.

W e are living in a world where we generate 2.5e+18 bytes of data on a regular day. All this is in an unstructured format that mostly went unused until the field of data science was introduced into our daily lives. Previously, we used to refer to this field as…


Intelligaia creates compelling Customer Experience (CX) across multi experiences. #CX

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